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Carling's Screw Compressor Spare Parts All of our parts are guaranteed by:
  • respective original parts manufacturers located all over the world, e.g. USA, UK, Germany, etc.
  • and our unique 100% quality assurance program for product reliability.
Screw Compressor Description: Parts / Elements:
All Major Brands & Models Are Available
Carling Separator & Service Kit
Carling Separator &
Service Kit
2,000 hrs Service Kits
Dryer Filters &
Auto Drain Valves
2,000 hrs Service Kit Air Filter
Coolant Filter Element
Filter Kit
Oil Filter
Lubrication Oil (mineral / synthetic)
4,000 hrs Service Kit 2,000 hrs Service Kit
Separator Element
Oil Separator Kit
Lubrication Oil (synthetic coolant)
8,000 hrs Service Kit 4,000 hrs Service Kit
Blowdown Solenoid Valve
Thermostatic Control Valve
Inlet Valve Assembly
Solenoid Valve
Check Valve Kit
Oil Stop Valve Kit
Unloader Valve Kit / Suction Regulator
Minimum Pressure Valve Kit
Vent / Regulating Valve Kit
Drain Valve Kit / Moisture Trap
Thermostatic Valve Kit
Relief Valve
Unload Solenoid Valve
Modulate Solenoid Valve
Line / Sump Solenoid Valve
Regulator Valve
Instrumentation and Sensors Temperature Switch / Sensor
Pressure Switch / Transducer
Temperature Gauge
Pressure Gauge
Microprocessor Control / Module
High Air Temperature Switch
Pressure Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Multiple Compressors Controller
Coolers and Cooler Kits /
Heat Exchanger
Oil Cooler with Oil Cooler Kit
Air Cooler with After-Cooler Kit
After-Cooler Kit
Hose Assembly All type of flexible hoses
Transmission V-Belts
Tension Pulley Kit
Coupling Element
Gear Set
Gear Wheels
Accessories Particulate / Pre-filter Element (1 Ám)
Coalascer / After-filter Element (0.01 Ám)
Autodrain Valves
Timer Operated Drain Valves
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We shipped our spare parts to international customers.
All price are subject to a very favorable discount factor.
Please contact our customer service representative for your specific requirement.

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